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: The joy of life
Vidéos Kérozen presents his work in short vidéos (3 - 4 minutes) C’est le printemps (It’s spring) March 2015 Kérozen presents the 7 paintings of this creation which evolve in zoom. Click here : http://youtu.be/L-uh_5UhVf4 C’est l’été (It’s summer) June 2015 The artist comments the preparation of this totem of 8 paintings full of colours. Click here : http://youtu.be/kT_DeiiBq84 C’est l’automne (It’s autumn) September 2015 Kérozen unveals his fabrication secrets along the various steps for the preparation of this large creation of 9 paintings. Click here : http://youtu.be/ZPRcGbLY6tQ C’est l’hiver (It’s winter) December 2015 The last work of the “2015 seasons” series, composed of 12 paintings, is the biggest. It is inspired by a ballet of contemporary dance. Click here : http://youtu.be/WGhnMVU-mOs
“Sogni d’oro” July 2017 Kérozen présents the exhibition “Sogni d’oro” at the Villa Communale of Frosinone, Italy.  Click here : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vs5-VqhX5-s Home About Kérozen Some works Exhibitions Videos Gallery Contact
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