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: The joy of life
Vidéos Kérozen presents his work in short vidéos (3 - 4 minutes) See also short “diaporamas” of photos and paintings C’est le printemps (It’s spring) March 2015 Kérozen presents the 7 paintings of this creation which evolve in zoom. Click here : http://youtu.be/L-uh_5UhVf4 C’est l’été (It’s summer) June 2015 The artist comments the preparation of this totem of 8 paintings full of colours. Click here : http://youtu.be/kT_DeiiBq84 C’est l’automne (It’s autumn) September 2015 Kérozen unveals his fabrication secrets along the various steps for the preparation of this large creation of 9 paintings. Click here : http://youtu.be/ZPRcGbLY6tQ C’est l’hiver (It’s winter) December 2015 The last work of the “2015 seasons” series, composed of 12 paintings, is the biggest. It is inspired by a ballet of contemporary dance. Click here : http://youtu.be/WGhnMVU-mOs
“Sogni d’oro” July 2017 Kérozen présents the exhibition “Sogni d’oro” at the Villa Communale of Frosinone, Italy.  Click here : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vs5-VqhX5-s Home About Kérozen Some works Exhibitions Videos Gallery Contact
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Zaratustra August 2018 Kérozen organised a great personal exhibition in tribute to his Italian grandparents in Cassino. This video unveils his great paintings in the evocative setting of the Rocca Janula and the celebration on the occasion of the opening of the exhibition. Cliqk here : https://youtu.be/kdE5jUIu73U