After the series of exhibitions organized in 2019 “Sur le chemin des peintres”, Kérozen participates in various exhibitions in 2021: From 21 september to 10 october 2021 at the large exhibition centre of the “Atelier” in Nantes, Kérozen takes part in an exhibition on “Nantes, regards d'artistes”.

From 3 July to 31 August 2021, at the Espace Orlando in

Saint Jean Lespinasse (near the city of Saint Céré in the

department of the Lot), Kérozen participated in the

exhibition “Jocondes insolites: Monna Lisa, hommages

et détournements”where he presented his large painting

on “Leonard painting the Mona Lisa”. Several of his

creations are also shown in the exhibit “Cherchez Monna

in the beautiful castle of Montal which hosted the Mona

Lisa during the Second World War.

In Paris, Kérozen participes also in two exhibitions in tribute to the actor Jean Marais :    - from 26 august to 15 october 2021 at the Espace Saint Dominique, 93 rue Saint Dominique,    - from 16 september to 16 october 2021 at the Galerie Daniel Hanemian, 91 rue du Faubourg Saint Honoré.
The painter Kérozen Kérozen lives and works in Arpino in Italy. In the ‘70s, he studied drawing at the experimental artistic high school of Sèvres-Ville d’Avray, near Paris, where one of his teachers made him particularly sensitive to the work of Leonardo da Vinci, and then graphics at the “Ecole Corvisart” of Paris. In 1989, he decided to dedicate himself exclusively to painting. He has been working for about fifteen years on the theme of the Mona Lisa. He has participated in numerous exhibitions in Italy (Rome, Milan, Florence, Vinci in Tuscany...), in France (Paris, Cholet, Amboise, Saint Gervais …) as well as in Scotland, the Netherlands, Burkina Faso and Taiwan. Today, he draws his inspiration from his life in the countryside of Arpino, to the South of Rome, where he works in his studio surrounded by olive trees and aims to express his “joie de vivre”. His pleasure in painting shows itself in the wide range of his styles and modes of expression, in the liveliness of his colours, which explode in his paintings, and in their themes, full of serenity and humanity. He created paintings on the theme of the four seasons, always so coloured, that you can discover in short videos (see page Videos). Since 2016, Kérozen also works in France, in Nantes, where he has painted large paintings inspired by emblematic places of the city or by the artists who inspire him, to whom he paid tribute during a series of exhibitions in 2019 “Sur le chemin des peintres”.
“Putain de Coronavirus”, oil and gold on canvas, october 2020 Various exhibitions have been cancelled in 2020 due to the COVID pandemia...


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: The joy of life
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